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Los Angeles Headshot Photographer 

Kerry James has been providing professional executive, corporate, actor headshots, fashion portraits, and modeling portfolios, in Los Angeles for over a decade.

Our photography studio is a little different than all of the other photographers and photographer sites you find off and online. We offer  photography services for the 21st century.

Welcome to the 21st century! The needs of the public and business have changed quite a bit since the film days. For professional photographers that was 10-14 years ago seems like a life time. Look around now everyone has a camera on their phones and tablets, along with that the need for professional images has also increased, and now you need a headshot for your Facebook, Instagram, dating profile, Linkedin, company website, and the list goes on and on. It used to be that only actors and models needed a headshot.  

At Kerry James Photography we understand, and can provide headshots to suit everyone living in the 21st century. Below are examples of different type of our headshots, some require high-end retouching, and actors headshots require much less.  Need more details give us a call at 424-243-5702


actor headshot actor headshot executive headshot
actor headshot executive headshot actor headshot
headshot headshot actor headshot
actor headshot business headshot business headshot


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Kerry James Photography 1043 N. La Brea Ave Inglewood, CA 90302 Ph. 424.243.5702 Kerry@Kerry-James.Com



Top 5 things what we do here at Kerry James Photography :

1.   1. We offer a complete team of studio professionals and services for all of your hair and makeup needs.

2.   2. Kerry James photography services cover Actors and Modeling headshots with only the need retouching to meet the Actor Model headshot requirements.

3.   3. Or if you need a headshot with our full service retouched images for use with online profiles, or your next speaking engagement, business website or book signing and you need to look flawless, we can make that happen.

4.   4. Are you concerned about and hate taking images, here at Kerry James we use a tethering system that allows you to see every image we take on a large monitor in our studio, and you will be surprised at how comfortable you will feel once you see your images in real time.

5.   5. The last and the most important service that we offer is customer service, if you are not completely satisfied, we are not satisfied.

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Time to update or upgrade your actor headshots? Need headshots for the first time? Need help with headshot posing? Tried the deal before, only to end up in someone's small studio apartment or garage, with their dogs and kids running around and worst of all, sub standard or low quality headshots? Or have you run into that photographer that has been taking the same style of images since the 60's? Looking for a Los Angeles headshot photographer that is artistic, and creative, that's easy going, willing to listen to your ideas, or offer you new ideas, with photographic talent? If any of these questions have run across your mind, your not alone.

One of the most important decisions an actor, corporate executive, model, or just that person needing to raise their online profile to the next level is, who will I choose or who can I trust, to take my next headshot? The right head shot can open the door for you to the next stage in life. Los Angeles headshot photographer Kerry James offers a professional high quality photography session in a professional environment. With his years of experience he is able to offer professional headshot posing directions, background color choices, clothing ideas, and along with our professional lighting and studio he will make sure your headshots stands out of the crowd. He will work with you, to bring out your true personality that creates a connection not only with the camera but most importantly to your audience, whether its your agent, casting director, or the new boss at your new place of employment. Investing in you career is not to be taken lightly and the right headshots will make all the difference in the world.